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We are Mdivani Corporate Immigration Law Firm.

Our focus is Business Immigration.
We are a team of expert lawyers whose focus is helping employers grow by onboarding and retaining the best employees worldwide while complying with intricacies of US Corporate Immigration law.

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Serving Employers In...

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Financial and Insurance
Tech, Manufacturing, Engineering and Design
Food Processing and Agriculture sectors

Mdivani Services

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Corporate Immigration Strategy

Corporate Immigration Compliance

Onboarding: Visas for International Personnel

Retention: Employer-Driven Green Card Process

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The Mdivani Difference.

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Mdivani clients enjoy unparalleled access to lawyers taking care of their matters.

Expertise Explained.

We take time to explain processes, timelines and what success depends on to enable our clients to make the best decisions for employers.

Business Goal Focused.

From the first consult, we focus on achieving the employer's business goals.

Action-Based Communication.

We spend extra time translating legal into specific action-based information sent directly to you.

Full firm teamwork.

Our entire firm collaborates on your case to ensure availability of appropriate expertise and timely results.

Relationship of Trust.

We work on building relationships of trust with our clients so we act as one team pulling in the same direction.

Strategic thinking.

Mdivani clients rely not only on deep business immigration expertise to take care of compliance and global mobility but also to build strategic initiatives and systems to help businesses grow.

What needs to be done?

The information on this website is for general information purposes only, it is not legal advice applicable to a specific situation.  Viewing it does not create an attorney-client relationship.

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