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We love working with bright, dedicated, passionate colleagues. Every summer we welcome law clerks from various law schools throughout the United States and help shape them into awesome lawyers. A big part of the enjoyment of practicing at our firm is the level of expertise of the Mdivani Business Immigration Lawyers and the enthusiasm of our law clerks. Together, we are a formidable legal force in the field of business immigration law and in our pro bono practice.

Working at Mdivani

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Supportive Environment.

We are investing in your success. Here, we don't allow anyone to fail.

Collaborative Process.

All cases are discussed with all lawyers and law clerks.

Service-Driven Expert Team.

Legal team of lawyers and law clerks focusing on delivering  the best for our clients.

Open Door Policy.

Anytime you have a doubt or question, you can talk directly to lead lawyers.


Learn as you go, with cases that are different and challenging each time.

Warm Workplace.

Bright and plant-filled space to work in, always with snacks. Or work remote!

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What it's like to work with us

Nate Longoria, MDIVANI Law Clerk, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law
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"Clerking for Mdivani has led to an abundance of learning opportunities outside of the classroom that have provided me with invaluable experience. When I first joined the firm, I had little knowledge on what the job of a Business Immigration attorney entailed. The firm’s professional and friendly learning environment allowed me to experience the day-to-day routine of a Business Immigration Attorney while offering me the opportunity to strengthen skills in areas including case analysis, client communications, and legal research and training. My ability to think and strategize like a lawyer has improved significantly thanks to my time at the firm. The key to this learning experience have been the attorneys, all of whom are passionate about the work they do and eager to instill knowledge in others. This opportunity has equipped me with a skillset that I am thrilled to utilize as a future attorney, as well as providing me with connections that I know will last for many years to come."

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What it's like to work with us

Abigail Sepich, MDIVANI Law Clerk, Emory University School of Law
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"Working at Mdivani Corporate Immigration Law Firm has been a literally life-changing experience for me. When I started, I wasn’t sure what to expect, since the only thing I knew about law was what I had seen in movies. Working here has taught me that being a business immigration attorney is about understanding business needs and taking the steps to be a problem-solver, not a roadblock, for companies. I feel lucky to be able to work at a place where the goal is to help people, whether that be through our Pro Bono Practice or helping businesses achieve their personnel goals. Beyond learning about all aspects of business immigration, Mdivani also gave me the opportunity to learn about how to interact with clients, manage projects, and consider details beyond legal research. The lawyers all took the time to help me understand why I was assigned a task, and how it fits into the broader picture, which was instrumental in helping me improve as a law clerk. Mdivani has also been a key factor in my ability to connect to the law community. During my time as a clerk, the lawyers helped me join organizations in the KC legal community, such as the Association for Women Lawyers, and always made me aware of ways to get involved and meet other lawyers and law students. As a non-KC native, I appreciated the opportunities to connect with other Kansas City lawyers, especially other women lawyers. The mentorship, guidance, and education I received at Mdivani have changed the course of my career for the better."

What it's like to work with us

AJ Gordon, MDIVANI Law Clerk, Loyola University School of Law

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"Working as a clerk for the Mdivani Corporate Immigration Law Firm has been an incredible opportunity for my legal career. As a prospective 1L, I could not recommend clerking at a small firm, like Mdivani, enough. Not only have I gained unique, firsthand experience of immigration law, but I have also gained a great deal of professional experience and exposure in the law community during my clerkship. All the attorneys at Mdivani are so eager to teach young attorneys and clerks about their practice, providing opportunities every day to learn legal practices firsthand, invitations to attend amazing networking opportunities in the Kansas City area, advice on legal education, and guidance on career choices. A clerkship at the Mdivani Law Firm is something I wish all law students could experience."

Open Positions

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Law Clerks

Experienced Business Immigration Lawyers

How to Get in Touch:

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