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"We feel we have an obligation to give access to justice without regard to ability to pay."

Special Thanks to Mdivani Clients

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We are Mdivani Corporate Immigration Law, a Corporate Immigration Firm of experts collaborating alongside employers to fulfill their goals through increasing employee recruitment and retention.

Award-Winning Pro Bono Program

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The Mdivani Pro Bono Program collaborates with domestic violence shelters to provide free immigration legal services to immigrant women and children survivors of domestic violence and other violent crimes. This program has been recognized with Pro Bono Awards from The Missouri Bar, Kansas Bar Association, University of Missouri Kansas City School of Law Foundation, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

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Why We Do Pro Bono

Leyla McMullen, MDIVANI Business Immigration Lawyer:

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“When I applied to law school, as part of my application I was asked to write an essay about why I wanted to be a lawyer. As a first generation immigrant (I moved to the US from Argentina when I was 13 years old), one of the things I mentioned I wanted to do with my law degree was to provide free legal help to new immigrants who did not speak English fluently. My essay was chosen by a KU Law donor who provided funds for me to have a full ride scholarship. I have never forgotten the amazing opportunity I was given. I am now blessed to work at a law firm where pro bono work is valued and encouraged, so now I get to give back to the community and make good on the things I said I would do with my law degree.


It is important to point out that when we help a victim of a crime attain her legal status, we are not only helping that person, but we are also helping our community as a whole. For example, last month, I had the honor of working with a very brave rape victim. This woman’s testimony will help prosecutors put away a very dangerous man who has been charged with more than sixteen felonies. She is helping make our community safer, and I am happy to be the attorney who gets to help her attain legal status so she can be in the United States legally to testify in court.”

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Why We Do Pro Bono

Danielle Atchison, MDIVANI Business Immigration Lawyer & Pro Bono Director

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“I think is our duty to serve our community and those who are the most vulnerable, which are women and children. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve our pro bono clients and make a difference in their lives.”

What Our Pro Bono Clients Say

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“’The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They  must be felt with the heart.’ Thank you guys for helping me and others. I am very happy and will never forget you all.”


Pro Bono Client

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“My daughter is doing well. She is completing her education as a medical technologist. We are so thankful you took our case!” 

— U Visa Pro Bono Client’s Mother

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