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When it comes to recruiting and retention, have a strategy. Think big. Give yourself options.

Our U.S. business immigration system is a complex but important tool for U.S. employers interested in having access to the widest applicant pool on the market.

With a sophisticated recruitment and retention strategy, U.S. Employers can end up with candidates from all backgrounds, qualifications, and nations. Boosting your applicant pool means you get the choice of the perfect fit for your organization.

The objective of a Corporate Immigration Strategy is to:

  1. Provide competitive advantage through strengthening recruitment and retention strategy by attracting and retaining the best in the world, including international personnel  

  2. Reduce risk of exposure by complying with IRCA Corporate Immigration Requirements

To achieve the objectives, employers should be ready to:

  • Train all HR and Legal teams to open up understanding of the corporate immigration availabilities for their company/industry along with compliance requirements.

For example: Hospitals should be aware of the J-1 to H-1B work visa opportunity for physicians or the Schedule A Green Card opportunity for nurses. Manufacturing companies should be aware of H-1B or TN work visas for engineers.

  • Establish a recruiting, hiring, onboarding, retention policy which underlines the goal of the company to attract and retain the best candidates in the world

Having it in writing matters. If the company is interested in going after the best available talent on the market, it needs to be clear internally and externally with an established policy that your recruiters AND candidates can look to.

  • Follow through with the plan. Candidates and former employees talk amongst each other on forums, websites, and through other means. Your reputation is critical to your future applicant pool.

Trust begets loyalty. Candidates will be looking to the employer to show they can trust them, especially those who require work visas and long-term retention commitments such as employment-based green cards. A recognition of the serious nature of the work visa and green card, their timelines, compliance requirements is critical to building that trust and long-term retention and loyalty.

Employers who have a Corporate Immigration Strategy and have a recruitment program that encompasses international personnel have the power of choice.


If you are an Employer looking to learn more about available visa options and lawful permanent residency process, you might consider taking an online training through Corporate Immigration Compliance Institute. Trainings can be found here:

Danielle Atchison, Corporate Immigration Lawyer

Mdivani Corporate Immigration Law Firm 


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